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How To Make Salad A Quick, Easy And Satisfying Dinner

It's hot and you want to be out swimming and enjoying the short summer in Maine, right?

Now that my daughter is 5, she is begging to go swimming down at the pond 2 miles down the road practically every day!

So I need to come up with dinners that don't have me inside preparing all afternoon. I'm guessing you might feel the same way!

Here's a great way that has endless variations to get a meal on the table without spending too much time in the kitchen on anything elaborate. And guess what? It's even a hit with guests and kids alike.

Two Family Favorite Recipes For Inspiration To Eat More Veggies

Late spring verging onto summer on the farm (or in your garden) is a busy time of year.

That is an understatement, right??
Do you find yourself making a list for the week that would literally take a month to do?? I totally do that all the time in the summer!

That's why it's important to have some really fun easy recipes on hand so that you're not cooking all day long while you want to be outside gardening, hiking, boating, playing with the kids/grandkids...

Fun New Rhubarb Recipes to Help You Go Beyond Pie

It's that time of year again! If you have rhubarb in your garden or have ever seen it in a garden, you'll know that it is the most feel good plant ever in springtime!

It's huge green leaves are a very welcome sight to see after a long winter. The plant comes up and grows so fast that it makes you feel like you're gardening already! And good at it! Right?

That's always what I think! Who else thinks growing rhubarb gives you an ego-boost?


Here's How To Order Veggies a la Carte From the Farm Year-round

Why would you be interested in getting local veggies? Perhaps because they...

  • Help you know where your food comes from
  • Are better for the environment
  • Support local businesses/local farmers
  • And they just taste way better.

Hey, that's what it's really all about, right!?

Over the years we have worked hard toward our goal of being the community farm providing our members fresh healthy food from their farmers.

How to Start Your Own Seeds

Growing your own seedlings from seed is fun, rewarding and brings hope during the cold, early spring days while we wait for planting time!

Seeing green is food for your soul for sure!

It's true that growing your own seedlings can be tricky. It even happens that some of them die.

And that is sad, but don't let it get you down! It happens to the best of us!

5 Popular Cabbage Recipes That Make You Come Back For More

Cabbage was once referred to as a poor man's food. 

Often berated, underrated and never celebrated!

Unfortunately, cabbage is usually overlooked at best and often pushed aside by children and adults alike.

Why?  Likely because it was prepared in a "boring" way, boiled and rendered lifeless on the plate.


Luckily, the humble cabbage is making a comeback.

But not because people have suddenly started embracing the austere.

All About Winter Radishes and Why You Should Absolutely Try Them

Winter in Maine is arguably bleak.

White snow, bare trees, it is a stark reality. It can also be a stark reality in terms of local food. With most vegetable farm stands and farmers markets shutting down in the fall, many return grudgingly to the grocery store for their veggies.

Recently we were asked,

What time of year do you open up and start selling veggies again?

Wait, you have veggies in the winter?? Do you grow them all in greenhouses?

How To Plan Your Garden For Producing The Most

If you’re a gardener, you know how wonderful it is to harvest the fruits (or veggies!) of your hard work, right?!

Sure you can grab your seeds and throw them out there, walk away, and then come back hoping for food. And you won’t be wrong, I’m sure there will be some food there!

But, one of the key successes to growing a garden and making it produce maximally is careful planning using succession plantings.

What Your Farmers Do In The Winter + A Fun Recipe

It's December and us veggie farmers must be settling in for a long winter's nap, right?

Nope!  :)  After taking one week off to celebrate the end of the growing season and give Thanksgiving as a family, we are back at the controls of our thriving small farm business excited about the coming next season!

How To Make Your Own Green Smoothie

A smoothie that’s green? What?

I’m sure it sounds different, but hear me out!

These things are hugely popular right now.  Here's why:

  1. They're really easy to make!
  2. They taste amazing!
  3.  And they help you get more greens into your diet than you otherwise could with just eating salads.

Now, don’t think I’m the expert on these… haha, oh no!