Eat more vegetables.

And love every bite.


An organic farm-fresh vegetable subscription that will help you get better quality, change the way you eat, and grow your family's excitement about vegetables.


You have vegetables for sale in the winter?! 

Have questions about our Winter CSA program?

If you want to roughly know what veggies to expect in our Winter CSA farm share program and how to store them, our PDF Winter Veggie Storage Guide is for you!

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"Better health awaits you with your very first box - try it out!"

-Ripley Farm CSA member

We're here for you

You want to eat more vegetables and try new things.  
We’ll help you do it. 

Food you can trust

Our Certified Organic veggies are picked fresh for you and taste delicious. 
Every time.

People you know

Rest assured. 
We grow everything with care right on our local family farm.


What makes Ripley Farm so different?

When it comes to putting food on the table, many people are so uninspired by grocery store produce that they don't know where to start. The Ripley Farm CSA vegetable subscription program helps local families get delicious vegetables and prepare them so that they love every bite.



The Ripley Farm CSA vegetable subscription program

How it works

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Tell us you are ready for more and better vegetables.  We’ll get growing.

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Pick up a weekly variety of vegetables hand selected by your farmers.

Enjoy fresh flavor

You don't have to be a fancy chef to prepare delicious food everyone will love.

"We love our CSA from Ripley Farm because... we know the quality and nutritional value are A+++!"

--P.&S. W. Ripley Farm CSA members

"Many times there are new things that we may not have tried before but the newsletter has suggestions for use and it has expanded our diet greatly.  We now have new favorite veggies because of the CSA."

--K. & M. K. Ripley Farm CSA members

"I have learned so much about what I eat and I am happy to be a part of Ripley Farms!!"

-B.M. Ripley Farm CSA member

"The boxes are always filled with fresh, delicious veggies and great recipe ideas to try for the whole family."

--S.H. Ripley Farm CSA member

"After 80 healthy and happy years of enjoying my own home grown veggies, I'm now supplementing my smaller garden with Ripley Organic Farm's large variety of highest quality veggies."

--S.N. Ripley Farm CSA member


What's inside your box?

  • Fresh vegetables from your farmers
  • Support to help you love every bite
  • The MOFGA Certified Organic label
  • …and the element of surprise in eating seasonally!


Download the 2019 Winter Veggies Storage Guide

Summer CSA

July-October 2020

Registration will open in January 2020.

Learn more about this popular program here!

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Winter CSA

November-March 2019-20

The 2019-20 Winter CSA is full and registration is closed!

Learn more about this popular program here!

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"I'm always excited to see what I have in my box each week.  It's kinda like Christmas.  Every time I eat a raw carrot, I think how much sweeter these are than any others I have ever had.  I just love them..."

--A. D. Ripley Farm CSA member

"Christmas comes once a week for us from July through mid October thanks to our CSA with Ripley Farm."

--M.S. Ripley Farm CSA member

"It's easy to feel enthusiastic about your food when your farmers are interacting with you weekly."

--K.N. Ripley Farm CSA member

"Participating in Ripley Farm’s CSA program fulfills our mission to support local, sustainable agriculture and to eat an organic vegan diet."

--M. V. Ripley Farm CSA member

"We started as a way to support our goal of eating healthier and also trying new and different fresh veggies. Guess what, we learned there's a lot we didn't know about and now love!"

--F.F. Ripley Farm CSA members

Experience vegetables that taste great.


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