Pick-Your-Own Flowers and Herbs

Experience the pleasure of picking your own flowers and herbs


A FREE bonus for all CSA members no matter where you pick up your share.

Slow down and soak up the beauty of wildflowers.  Pick a few blooms and herbs from our gardens while you're there.  With over 30 different varieties to choose from available from July through October, you'll be sure to find something that makes your heart smile. 

Many CSA members enjoy this free bonus almost as much as they do the veggies!  It is a great way for members of all ages to come out and see where your food comes from and enjoy picking.  Come out any time during the season to experience it!

Here's a general list of PYO flowers and herbs we aim to make available during the course of our PYO season July-October.

Pick your own flower bouquet
Pick your own fresh herbs
...And it's all organic!

Can I PYO if I'm not a Ripley Farm CSA member?
At this time, the PYO gardens are only open to current Ripley Farm Summer CSA members.  If you are a friend of a member, you are welcome to come along with them when they pick up their CSA box and pick some flowers, too! 

Can I PYO if I am a member but don't pickup my CSA on the farm?
Yes!  The PYO gardens are open to ANY CSA member no matter where you pick up your farm share box.  You are always welcome at the farm!

What do I need to bring to PYO?
Please bring your own scissors/clippers. Also please bring your own little vase or little bucket to keep your flowers wet on your drive home.

How many flowers can I pick? I feel bad taking too many!
You can pick as many as you can hold. Remember, that what is flowering now will not be nice looking next week. There is always enough to go around so pick your hearts out! You won’t regret it! 

Why are there so many bees?
We plant a lot of native plants which are especially bee-friendly. Excellent pollinator habitat is one of the benefits of the PYO gardens to the farm and one reason we continue to offer it as a FREE perk for CSA members.

How can I find out what you have available and where it is located?
The best way to find out what is available week to week is to come to the farm and take a peek! New flowers and herbs become available week to week so it is hard to maintain an accurate list of what is available.  Click here to find a general list of the flowers and herbs we AIM to make available, though we cannot guarantee that any specific ones are available at any one time.

The mantra is: Whatever you see flowering, you can pick as much as you like! 

When can I come to PYO?
You can come to PYO flowers and herbs during the Wednesday CSA farm share pickup hours. Click here to find the current year's dates and times.  This is the best time for you to come as we will be available to speak with you then. Mary Margaret might even pick a bouquet along side of you!

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us via email at mm@ripleyorganicfarm.com.  Thank you!