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What is in the Spring CSA?

As the colder weather and darker days set on, you're already dreaming of spring, right?  Of course!

And of all things greeeeeen!!! 


We know what it’s like!

If you love garden fresh taste, and can't wait for green things to start growing before your garden gets going or your Summer CSA starts, we can help!

Yes, You Can Still Plant Garlic and Here's Where To Get Seed

That's right. Lay your fears and disappointment aside. It's not too late to plant garlic.

In fact we feel good if we're getting ours in by the end of October.

To be honest, the fall harvest season on our farm is so busy that some years it's well into November before we get our garlic planted!

So, yes, you can still plant garlic now!





Struggle With Root Vegetables? Here's How To Love Them

Despite this warm summery weather, with October upon us we are decidedly headed towards winter here in Central Maine.

Booooo, I hear from the crowds...

And that means bye, bye to most of our favorite garden stuff like tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, basil, lettuces, and more.

It also means hello to the hearty fruits of our labors that will carry us on through the fall and winter.

You know what I'm talking about:

The stuff with substance. The stuff that makes up the term “comfort food”.


Want To Know What Our Veggies Look Like During The Winter?

It’s warm August and you’re spending time in the lake, in the kayak, and outside picking berries… Winter is the furthest thing from your mind.

Everywhere you go, people are talking about the humidity--and this year, the rain. You join in, but you have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind reminding you that soon things will change. Soon enough we’ll all be complaining about the cold and snow.

How To Keep Your Tomato Plants Healthy And Long Producing

Tomatoes are one of our favorite veggies to grow AND one of our most popular seedling and veggie order items.

There is nothing quite like harvesting a tomato fresh off the vine and taking a bite.

Warm, sweet, and savory, and nothing beats it. Mmmm...I just can't wait until the fruits are here again! I bet you can't either.



Did Your Cucumber Plants Die After the Rain? Here's What to Do

The fact about gardening and farming is that the weather is everything. Right?

The fact about the weather is that it is fickle. Always changing.

And the fact about this season is that we've had some not so favorable conditions for gardening the past couple of weeks.

Thursday we assessed the “damage” on our winter squash crop that we seeded right before the downturn in the warm weather.

Learn Why These Will Be Your Favorite New Vegetable

“Wow, what are these?!”

This is the single thing (well, actually next to “your carrots are the best carrots I've ever had”) that I've heard the most from customers over the past 14 years of farming.

You might not have ever heard of this kind of veggie, but yet...

People come from all over Central Maine to join our CSA farm share program and use our preorder buying club to learn new veggies with the goal of eating healthy.

Yep, people LIKE being pushed to try new things and broaden their taste horizons.

How To Grow A Great Organic Garden

Gardening is fun and relaxing… that’s why so many of us do it, right?!

It's the same reason we love farming!

But let’s face the facts, like most things, if a little thoughtful planning goes into it, it usually goes much better!

That’s certainly been true for us over the past 14 years of running our own farm.

Here are our top tips and tricks that we’ve learned along our way of organic gardening that can help you make the most out of yours!

This Easy Salad Dressing Will Make Your Hearty Early Spring Salads Pop

The end of winter is here, and, no beating around the bush, you're ready for it to be over!

And, of course, it's not quite time for lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers fresh from the garden... yet!

I bet that I love that kind of classic salad as much as you do, especially when it's all garden fresh.

But why grumble about what's not here yet, when you can celebrate the glory of the hearty early spring salad full of what IS in season from your root cellar and/or local farms??

And guess what?

What is in a Summer CSA share?

When I signed up for my very first CSA share as a customer back in 2004, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

I was taking a leap of faith based on a paper brochure and a phone conversation with a farmer. 

Maybe you know what I felt like?

Of course, this was back before it was common for most small business to have a website full of more information on their products.