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How Making Pesto Can Help You Use Up Extra Greens in a Tasty Way

Pesto used to be an intimidating word to me.

I didn’t grow up hearing it often, except occasionally at an Italian restaurant. And even then I had no idea what it meant. Just that it sounded fancy.

This week I had some leftover turnip greens, carrot tops, and basil in my fridge that were, well... needing to be used up. And not wanting to waste anything…

How to Pick Your Own Bouquet And Make it Last

The busy summer can have you constantly running from this to that, right? 

And it is hard to find time to slow down and do something spontaneous.

I understand. I’m a farmer and full-time mama.


But, who doesn’t love slowing down to enjoy the beauty of nature and picking some gorgeous flowers along the way?

I know that I always find joy in picking flowers. Even just a small handful. Something about being outside and seeing all of the pretty blooms gently blowing in the breeze persuades me to be an authentic part of it.

This Indian Inspired One Pot Meal Can Be Made With Any Veggies

Do you ever have a fridge full of veggies and no idea what to do with all of them?

Well, that happens to me at least a couple of times a week!

I'm incredibly blessed to live on a farm that produces year round organic veggies and because of that there are always veggies (mostly seconds that can't be sold) flowing into my fridge.

It's my job to make something that everyone will eat out of whatever I have in abundance.

Deer Trouble? How To Get More Garden Goodness For You And Less For Them

Eat more veggies that's what it's all about, right?

Or grow more flowers for yourself and the bees?

But what about when the deer haven't gotten that memo?

What about when they come in and take big bites out of everything you've worked hard to plant including your tomato plants, your lettuce, and sunflowers?

That's what I'm here for today. To help you outwit the deer.

Because believe me do we have experience in doing just that.


How To Eat And Love This Spring Green Found In Everyone's Yard

Do you know what plant I'm talking about? Or are you skeptical?

Yes, I guarantee you that this spring green can be found in your yard.

In fact, they can be found on every continent in the world, except for Antarctica.

Traditionally they have been valued for their edible and medicinal properties.

How To Keep Cucumber Beetles And Other Garden Pests Away Without Chemicals

Some of the most common questions we get are:

How do you deal with pests on your organic farm?

How to deal with the cucumber beetles that come every year and destroy my plants before they can make fruits at all or very many?

Why do my radish leaves always have so many holes in them that they don't do much on the root part?

I don't like getting worms in my cauliflower/broccoli/cabbage. What do I do?

10 Favorite Ways To Use Veggies And Eggs

Do you have eggs coming out of your ears this time of year?

Or do your neighbors?

What about the the farm down the (muddy) road?

Yep, it's that time of year! The sunlight has come back and backyard chickens are in full production.

Our 5 year old daughter is in charge of getting the chicken eggs every day and counting them. She reports up to 17 eggs some days now!

Which is awesome! Because guess what?

How To Grow Fresh Veggies And Flowers Without Garden Space

Hi!  It's Mary Margaret here.  I'm so excited to bring you this special guest post by Ripley Farm's Assistant Farmer Hannah Johnson! 

She's our "garden anywhere" girl, and she's about to show you how easy it is to grow the fresh organic veggies and flowers of your dreams even if you don't have garden space.  Read on and let her personal experience, tips, and success growing in containers guide you to your own...


What is in the Spring CSA?

As winter drags on, you're dreaming of spring, right?  Of course!

And of all things greeeeeen!!! 


We know what it’s like!

If you love garden fresh taste, and can't wait for green things to start growing before your garden gets going or your Summer CSA starts, we can help!

What is in a Summer CSA share?

When I signed up for my very first CSA share as a customer back in 2004, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

I was taking a leap of faith based on a paper brochure and a phone conversation with a farmer. 

Maybe you know what I felt like?

Of course, this was back before it was common for most small business to have a website full of more information on their products.