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This Easy Salad Dressing Will Make Your Hearty Early Spring Salads Pop

The end of winter is here, and, no beating around the bush, you're ready for it to be over!

And, of course, it's not quite time for lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers fresh from the garden... yet!

I bet that I love that kind of classic salad as much as you do, especially when it's all garden fresh.

But why grumble about what's not here yet, when you can celebrate the glory of the hearty early spring salad full of what IS in season from your root cellar and/or local farms??

And guess what?

What is in the Spring CSA?

As winter drags on, you're dreaming of spring, right?  Of course!

And of all things greeeeeen!!! 


We know what it’s like!

If you love garden fresh taste, and can't wait for green things to start growing before your garden gets going or your Summer CSA starts, we can help!

What is in a Summer CSA share?

When I signed up for my very first CSA share as a customer back in 2004, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

I was taking a leap of faith based on a paper brochure and a phone conversation with a farmer. 

Maybe you know what I felt like?

Of course, this was back before it was common for most small business to have a website full of more information on their products.

Our Farm's Favorite Sources For Garden Seeds and More

It's finally winter and we can all take a sigh of relief after the hard work of the summer and fall growing veggies, right!?

With the solstice and other holiday festivities right around the corner I know for sure we are looking forward to days of rest, reflection, and renewal with family and friends.

We are also thinking ahead of next season, remembering what we want to improve upon or try new in the coming year.

Is it true for you, too, that as soon as you finish a season you start to get excited about another year coming?

Why Soups Are One Of The Best Things To Make With Veggies

It’s only November and doesn’t it feel like winter has finally come? Eeek!

What with temps down into the 20's this week, howling wind-chills that freeze-dried our poor White Russian Kale (RIP), and a snow/sleet/rain storm that impacted our CSA pickup to add insult to injury, I’m ready for some bonafide warming comfort food!  How about you?

And a bowl of hot soup hits the spot, right? Definitely for me!

How to Make Any Root Veggie into a Scrumptious Mash Everyone Will Love

Fall and holidays are classic times of year for serving mashed veggies.

Mashed potatoes and/or sweet potatoes anyone?

I know my family is always as eager to dig into those as they are the other fixings at holidays and family meals.

Because that's the point, right? Eat those veggies, too! (Not just the bread and/or meat.)

But, hang on, why stop at the well known mashes?

What To Do With All That Squash!

“What do I do with this big squash?”

A common question that we get from CSA members after a few weeks of fall squash distribution.

And I understand. Sometimes I can look at a pile of uncooked/unprocessed veggies… like squash… and feel at a loss, too.

Ugh! I only have so much time and creativity!

So one thing that helps me a ton is to just get the stuff cooked and into the fridge.


Why Peppers Are One of The Best Veggies to Freeze

It’s September and your garden is cranking out harvests that taste so delicious that you want to hang onto everything as long as possible.

Or maybe your CSA farm has peppers ripening like crazy this time of year. We certainly have them by the bucketful here on our farm!



Want To Know What Our Veggies Look Like During The Winter?

It’s warm August and you’re spending time in the lake, in the kayak, and outside picking berries… Winter is the furthest thing from your mind.

Everywhere you go, people are talking about the heat and humidity. You join in, but you have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind reminding you that soon things will change. Soon enough we’ll all be complaining about the cold and snow.

How Making Pesto Can Help You Use Up Extra Greens in a Tasty Way

Pesto used to be an intimidating word to me.

I didn’t grow up hearing it often, except occasionally at an Italian restaurant. And even then I had no idea what it meant. Just that it sounded fancy.

This week I had some leftover turnip greens, carrot tops, and basil in my fridge that were, well... needing to be used up. And not wanting to waste anything…