Organic Meats: organic pork, organic beef, organic eggs

Meats you can feel good about eating


Organic pork, beef, lamb, and eggs raised the way you would do it yourself

Not feeling sure about the meat and eggs you buy at the grocery store?

But don't want to skip livestock foods altogether?

You CAN eat meat and eggs AND feel good about how it is raised at the same time!  

Source your livestock products from our small scale organic family farm and trust that everything is raised with love and care.  

And tastes darn good, too!

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Harriet's Happy Hens

Organic soy-free eggs from our daughter's flock

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Organic pork

Taking reservations for pork sides for spring and fall 2024.

For more info please email us at

Organic beef

Organic beef from our cows available summer 2024 and beyond

More info coming soon

Organic lamb

Organic lamb from our sheep fall 2024

More info coming soon

We love our animals!

A pic of a baby goat just for fun!