16 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic CSA Share Liner

By Samantha Coffin, former CSA member who moved away


Hate throwing away plastic bags?

Wonder what you should do with your big plastic bag that your CSA comes with each week?

Here is a great list to get you started on reusing them each week!




16 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic CSA Share Liner

  1. Save them as trash can liners.
  2. Use them to store those greens if your crisper drawers are full.
  3. Use them to keep a freezer stock bag of veggie scraps for broth.
  4. Make plastic yarn for various crafts from bags to rugs. You can also save then whole to fill big pillows or cushions!
  5. Need a wet bag for traveling for things like bathing suits or messy shoes? These bags are perfect!
  6. Got a dog? Use them as dog poop bags.
  7. What a perfect bag to line a cat box with, making clean up hassle free.
  8. Use them to throw away wet trash like leftover bones/veggies from making broth that can’t be composted because of meat.
  9. These are great for holding ice in a cooler.
  10. Save money of packaging and use the bags to protect something fragile when shipping.
  11. Put potentially smelly food scraps in the plastic bag in the freezer. When trash day rolls around, throw out the bag.
  12. Have a big baking project coming up? Cut one corner off the plastic bag to create a makeshift piping bag!
  13. Fill the bag with distilled white vinegar, then tie it around your showerhead with one of the rubber bands from your veggies to remove soap scum and mildew.
  14. Cover small pots with plastic bags to create a mini greenhouse and help plants sprout or to protect them if you are expecting a frost.  These big liner bags would be great to cover potted tomato plants on your patio!
  15. Create a simple cold pack by placing a damp cloth or towel in a plastic bag and freezing it.
  16. Save the big liner bags to use at your next yard sale or when you are rehoming something!


As soon as you empty your bag out, either flip it inside out or hang it over a chair to dry out before reusing. Then store it until you need it.

What are other ways that you reuse your bags?  Leave a response below and let us know!

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Comments (2)

I cut a slit in the bottom and used the bag as a garment bag to protect my knitted poncho.

What a great idea, thanks for sharing! I will definitely try this and had not thought of it before :)