Want To Know What Our Veggies Look Like During The Winter?

It’s warm August and you’re spending time in the lake, in the kayak, and outside picking berries… Winter is the furthest thing from your mind.

Everywhere you go, people are talking about the humidity--and this year, the rain. You join in, but you have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind reminding you that soon things will change. Soon enough we’ll all be complaining about the cold and snow.

Late August and early September are peak season for your Summer CSA farm share.  And you're loving the farm-fresh bounty from the box each week. You’re not looking forward to the days when it will be over, because it all tastes that much better.

Or maybe you're a home gardener during the summer. You love to see the abundance that grows from your work. Your “gardening” time now is taken up with harvesting the fruits of your labor. And that feels good, doesn’t it?

Possibly you’re like me, working little by little to put it all away.  Perhaps canning or making batches of quick pickles. Or freezing things like greens, beans, broccoli, and berries. Maybe even trying your hand at fermenting cabbage into sauerkraut and kimchi.  Or dreaming you had the time to do this stuff!

Doing all of this because you know winter is eventually coming, and you still want to remember the garden fresh taste...


We know what it’s like!

So, if you love garden fresh taste, and dread going back to grocery store blandness after your garden is done or your CSA is over, we can help!

Join our Winter CSA, and we’ll set aside a winter’s worth of fresh vegetables for you that taste like they just came out of the garden.


What is in the Winter CSA?

The Winter CSA runs 5 months (November 1, 2023 - March 13, 2024) with veggie pickups twice a month on Wednesdays. Exact dates can be found here.

For each of the 10 pickups, we will pick out a unique mix of 6-9 kinds of fresh veggies from our root cellar and package them up for you. No two weeks are the same, based on what is in season. Keeps it interesting!

Here are month-by-month pictures of last year's 10 Winter CSA shares to give you examples of what a share looks like in variety and quantity.

Of course every year is a little different, so no matter whether you’re a returning or new member, you’ll be excited to open it up each time.  In fact, the one thing I can guarantee you is that this year's veggies will NOT be exactly the same as those below!  ;)


November Examples:

2022-23 WCSA Share #1: Greens (spinach, lettuce mix), cilantro, radishes, carrots, winter squash, scallions, and garlic. 




2022-23 WCSA Share #2: Greens (curly kale, spinach), parsley, onions, carrots, pie pumpkin, cauliflower, garlic, and potatoes. 


2022-23 WCSA Share #3: Greens (spinach and baby kale), garlic, kohlrabi, carrots, potatoes, winter squash, and leeks. 


December Example:

2022-23 WCSA Share #4: Greens (spinach and baby lettuce mix), potatoes, carrots, winter squash, onions, garlic, and beets. 


January Examples:

2022-23 WCSA Share #5: Greens (baby greens mix, spinach) purple potatoes, carrots, winter squash, onions, and garlic. 


2022-23 WCSA Share #6: Potatoes, winter squash, carrots, garlic, onions, golden beets, red cabbage, winter radish, and parsnips. 


February Examples:

2022-23 WCSA Share #7: Beets, potatoes, carrots, winter squash, onions, cabbage, turnips, and garlic. 


2022-23 WCSA Share #8: Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, winter squash, onions, spinach, celeriac, and garlic. 


March Examples:

2022-23 WCSA Share #9: Greens (spinach/kale mix), potatoes, beets, carrots, rutabaga, red cabbage, Daikon radishes, garlic, and onions. 


2022-23 WCSA Share #10: Greens (baby kale, spinach), carrots, onions, cabbage, potatoes, winter squash, and watermelon radish. 




Sign up for the 2023-24 Winter CSA is coming soon!

If you are not looking forward to going back to the grocery store after enjoying a summer full of garden fresh flavor, remember we can help. Our winter carrots are sweeter than ever and our beets “out of this world.”

Join our Winter CSA for organic vegetables harvested and stored just for you direct from our family farm. Our colorful vegetables and recipes will liven up your winter meals and help you enjoy fresh variety deep into the cold months.


Does this sound right for you?

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