What is in the Spring CSA?

As winter drags on, you're dreaming of spring, right?  Of course!

And of all things greeeeeen!!! 


We know what it’s like!

If you love garden fresh taste, and can't wait for green things to start growing before your garden gets going or your Summer CSA starts, we can help!

Join our Spring CSA, and we’ll set aside part of our early spring greens harvests combined with the sweetest of the winter's fresh vegetables for you so you can have fresh things during the hardest part of the year to have garden taste.


What is in the Spring CSA?

The Spring CSA runs 3 months (April 7, 2021-June 16, 2021) with veggie pickups twice a month on Wednesdays. Exact dates can be found here.

For each of the 6 pickups, we will pick out a unique mix of 6-8 kinds of fresh veggies from our high tunnels and root cellar and package them up for you. No two weeks are the same, based on what is in season. Keeps it interesting!

Here are month-by-month pictures of last year's 6 Spring CSA shares to give you examples of what a box looks like in variety and quantity.

Of course every year is a little different, so no matter whether you’re a returning or new member, you’ll be excited to open it up each time.  In fact, the one thing I can guarantee you is that this year's veggies will NOT be exactly the same as those below!  ;)


April Examples:

2020 SpCSA Share #1: Kale, spinach, lettuce mix, carrots, potatoes, and beets. 




2020 SpCSA Share #2: Kale, spinach, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, scallions and red butter lettuces. 


May Examples:

2020 SpCSA Share #3: Kale, spinach, red butter lettuces, mizuna, potatoes, carrots and parsnips. 


2020 SpCSA Share #4: Radishes, beets, carrots, arugula, lettuce mix, spinach, red butter lettuces, and chives. 


June Examples:

2020 SpCSA Share #5: Potatoes, spinach, salad turnips, radishes, sorrel, pac choi, green onions, lettuce mix, and lovage. 


2020 SpCSA Share #6: Radishes, salad turnips, rutabaga, scallions, rhubarb, sage, carrots, and lettuce mix. 



Sign up for the 2021 Spring CSA is open now to you!

If you are not looking forward to going back to the grocery store after enjoying a winter full of garden fresh flavor, remember we can help. Our overwintered spinach and kale is sweeter than anything you have ever tasted and our carrots “out of this world.”

Join our Spring CSA for organic vegetables harvested and stored just for you direct from our family farm. Our colorful vegetables and recipes will freshen up your spring meals and help you enjoy fresh variety while you wait for your garden or Summer CSA to start booming.


Does this sound right for you?

Sign up is limited to previous 2020 Spring CSA customers and current 2021 Summer CSA customers.  Here is a link to the sign up information.  Do so soon as to not miss out.  We will sell out as our space is limited.

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