Roasted Salsa Verde (MM's easy version)

I am in no way claiming that this is an "official" way to make Salsa Verde, but it's what we do.  And it's so easy!!!  Try it! 

We make a version of enchilada casserole using this salsa verde as a sauce for that.  You can also use it to dip chips in!

  • tomatillos, husks removed and rinsed
  • garlic cloves, unpeeled
  • onions, sliced
  • hot peppers, whole or seeded however much heat you want

Put all of your prepared veggies onto a roasting tray.  Roast at 400 until tender.  Squeeze garlic out of peels and discard peels.  Blend in a food processor, adding water to get the consistency correct.  Add salt and check seasonings.  Add optional lime juice, if desired.