Watermelon Recipes

Availability: September

Storage tips: Refrigerate or store at room temperature.

How to eat: Watermelons are a yummy treat at the end of summer! Eat them by the slice or chop them up and make a fruit salad.

How to preserve: It is best to enjoy watermelon while it is fresh, though if you have to, you can freeze it in chunks, though it will lose some of it's flavor when thawed.

This recipe is flexible, so play around with it!  So refreshing!

  • watermelon, seeded
  • lime juice
  • fresh mint

Cut about a quarter of the watermelon off to start.  Dig out the melon with a big spoon and put it in your blender.  Fill it right up because when you blend it, it will about halve.  Snip up 4 or 5 mint leaves (or more) and squeeze a half a lime in the blender.  Whizz into a drink.  Taste to see if you want more mint or more lime.  Drink.  Leave it thick and more like a smoothie or add a bit of water and/or ice.