Swiss Chard

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Swiss Chard Recipes

I put this under swiss chard, but you can use any kind of greens you want in it.  When we made it last we used it as a "clean out the fridge" recipe adding chopped radish greens, kale, spinach and chard.  Really good as an appetizer or interesting veggie side!

10 cups loosely packed, finely sliced greens
3-4 tablespoons oil
1 small onion, minced
2-3 garlic scapes, minced
½ cup cilantro (or other fresh herb), chopped
1 tablespoon cumin seeds
1 cup breadcrumbs
1/3 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1-2 eggs

Sauté onion in oil until soft.  Add scapes, cilantro, and cumin for 1 min.  Add greens to wilt.  Remove from heat.  Cool 10 min.  Add rest of ingredients & salt to taste.  Form balls, place on baking sheet, and bake at 375 for 15-20 min.

2+ TBLS cooking oil
½ lb summer squash, thinly sliced
1 small onion, finely chopped
½ lb Swiss chard, finely chopped
1-2 garlic cloves, minced (to taste)
7-8 eggs
chopped basil
salt, pepper, grated cheese to taste

Sauté squash & onion in oil until softening 3-5 min. Add chard & garlic.  Cover & cook on medium-low until wilted & tender. Cool & drain well.  Whisk eggs, basil, cheese, salt, & pepper together. Add veggies & stir. Heat oiled skillet. Pour in egg mixture and cook 3-5 minutes.  Place in 400* oven until cooked through.

When my mom visits in the summer, the first thing she says is lets go get some Swiss chard.  Here's a version of how she likes to cook it:

2 TBLS cooking oil
1 head of garlic, peeled and chopped
½-1 onion, chopped
1 bunch of Swiss chard, torn into pieces
salt to taste
dash of vinegar

Heat oil on medium.  Sauté onion until soft, about 10 min.  Add chard, garlic, & salt.  Sauté gently, covered, adding a little water if necessary, until very tender, 15-20 min.  Serve with vinegar.

Steamed Swiss Chard

1 bunch swiss chard
cider, balsamic, or wine vinegar

Cut the midrib out of each leaf and either discard them or steam them for about 5 minutes.  Add the chard leaves to the midribs and steam for another 5 minutes or until tender.  Drain and serve with butter and a splash vinegar.

1 bunch Swiss chard, ribs and greens, coarsely chopped
1 scallion, chopped
1 apple, diced
2 TBSP cooking oil
Salt and pepper to taste
2 TBSP cider vinegar

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the scallions and apple and sauté for about 5 minutes, until slightly softened. Add the chard, salt and pepper and stir-fry gently for 15 minutes or until the midribs of the chard are tender. Add the cider vinegar and cook for 5 more minutes. Serves 2-4.

Availability: July-October

Storage tips: Refrigerate in a plastic bag. Chard should store at least a week.

How to eat: Chard is best used as a cooking green. Wash and cut out the midribs. To steam, place leaves in a steamer basket or in a pan with a little bit of water in the bottom and steam until tender. Top with butter and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

How to preserve: Blanch two minutes, drain and pack into freezer bags.  Freeze.