Shallots Recipes

Availability: September-March

Storage tips: For short term storage (one or two weeks) leave at room temperature, not in a plastic bag. For longer term storage, place in crisper drawer in the fridge.

How to eat: Shallots, often used in French cuisine, are in the "onion" or allium family but are not quite the same.  They're smaller and often come in bulbs with cloves kind of resembling very large garlic.  They have a more mild and delicate flavor than onions and are usually used as a minor part of a meal, most recipes calling for a few tablespoons or 1 or 2 whole shallots.  To prepare, peel the skin and slice or mince like you would an onion. 

Try shallots minced up raw in salads or salad dressings or gently sauted in butter and put into sauces or soups.  Or try boiling or roasting shallots whole for a delicious treat.  I often substitue shallots for onions in recipes that call for onions, although the flavor is not identical.  Of course they're wonderful caramelized as are onions!  Shallots are even better keepers than onions and will last into spring in our root cellar.