Here's How To Order Veggies a la Carte From the Farm Year-round

Why would you be interested in getting local veggies? Perhaps because they...

  • Help you know where your food comes from
  • Are better for the environment
  • Support local businesses/local farmers
  • And they just taste way better.

Hey, that's what it's really all about, right!?

Over the years we have worked hard toward our goal of being the community farm providing our members fresh healthy food from their farmers.

And in 2020 we got to our most recent goal: being a year-round veggie farm in Central Maine, supplying our farm's produce to our community all year long through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) July through June!

The CSA farm share program is the lifeblood and backbone of our farm. Your upfront support financially (and mentally) is what helps us have a stable income (and thus confident decision-making) to be able to support our family as well as the two full-time, year-round employees and other seasonal employees who are essential to getting all the work done on the farm.

We are excited to begin our eleventh year of CSA in 2021.


CSA is a commitment

Joining a CSA is totally a commitment. It's a commitment to the health of your family, to the health of the environment, and to that of the community. I get it. I did it! I started my journey to healthy eating by joining my first CSA as a member in 2004.

And this year we have over 190 families who have already decided to make that commitment to themselves, to our farm, and to their community by choosing to become part of our 2021 Summer CSA program. We have only a small handful of spots left for people to join us for the harvest season.

But that stated, we understand that CSA is not always perfect for everyone.

Every family is unique and eats in different ways. For some couples, they love the CSA and buy more veggies on top of it. For other families, the CSA is too many vegetables.

We understand! We believe in the value of diversity in our community. It's what makes us strong!

As our CSA is very near selling out for the year, we often get this question:

“Is there a way to order vegetables from you to buy and pick them up?  Or do you have a farm stand?”

Yes, there is a way! Read on for more info about our "online farm stand"... :)



Here's how to order veggies a la carte from the farm year-round

It's easy and fun!

As we are a small farm without the staff to support a farm stand at this time (yes, that is in the dream somewhere down the line), we have a nifty online system to help you order veggies straight from the farm without being a CSA member.

This system is also very heavily used by our CSA members themselves to order extra veggies outside of what comes in their CSA shares. It's a way to customize your veggies!

And it is available YEAR-ROUND!  Like frrrresh greens anyone in the spring?  Or tasty tomatoes in the summer?  Or fresh carrots all winter long??  Yes, that is right!

  • Have you fallen in love with salad turnips and can't find them at a grocery store anywhere?
  • Or do you want 5 pounds of beans to can or freeze?
  • Or a big bag of basil to make pesto to freeze?
  • Or a small order of fresh veggies of your choice for your week?

You can do all of that and more by following these simple steps:

  1. You opt into the "Preorder" email list.
  2. You receive the availability we have for that week (comes out on Saturdays).
  3. You place your order using our online ordering system by the end-of-Sunday deadline (link comes in Saturday email).
  4. Then you come to the farm during these pickup hours to get your special order. (Bring your cash or check payment with you. We do not take credit cards for preorders at this time.)

Plus by getting on this email list you'll be aware of when we have excess items available at bulk pricing for preserving.

Here is the link to find out more about our Special Preordering System.  Be sure to sign up for the email list specifically for preordering as it is separate from our main email list.

More info on preordering veggies

I know this is not the usual way of buying from a farm. Please let me know by responding below, emailing me at, or calling 207-564-0563 if you have any questions about it. I'm here to help!



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