How not to tear your box

Wait, let us show you


How to care for your CSA boxes so we can reuse them week after week.

"You just have to take your time and be smarter than the box."

-Ripley Farm CSA member


The CSA box can be an intimidating beast for some members new at it.  Rip!  Ugh, bad feelings as another one bites the dust.  But, it doesn't have to be that way!  

That's is why we've created a short slideshow tutorial to train you to open it with ease every time!  Share this with your husband and other members of the house, too.  

Watch this and you'll get it down! High five!

Your CSA Box

Pick up box
Closed box
Find tab on top of box
Slide tab back, noting the perforation
Open Tab, no tearing should occur
All flaps open on box
Bottom of Box
Slide tabs out, no tearing should occur
Open flaps out
After opening all flaps out on bottom of box, box can be flattened
Box laying flat on ground
Gene carrying flattened box