Lacto-Fermented Pickles

1 glass pint jar with lid
1-2 cucumbers
1 clove garlic, peeled
2 tbls dill or ½ tsp dill seed
Pinch of black tea
2 tsp salt
1 cup water

Submerge cucumbers in ice cold water for 30 minutes. Cut off the two ends of each cucumber and discard.  Slice lengthwise into quarters, then cut into 2 inch long pieces.  Or you can slice them into 3/8 inch thick rounds.  Pack into jar with garlic, dill, and black tea. Dissolve salt in water and pour into jar. Add water if necessary to fill jar and submerge cucumbers, while leaving ¾ inch headroom in the jar. Cap tightly and leave at room temperature for about 2-7 days. Release the pressure on the jars once a day by opening the lid and then recapping it. Begin tasting them on the second day. When you like how they taste, put them in the fridge and begin eating.

Note:  It is important to taste your pickles as they can ferment very quickly especially in warm weather.  To prevent them from getting mushy, check them often and then refrigerate promptly when they're ready.