Ripley Farm's
Summer CSA at a glance:

  • 16 weeks of delicious organic vegetables all grown on our farm
  • Pick-up your vegetables July-October in Dover-Foxcroft or Bangor
  • Enjoy a weekly newsletter and recipes
  • Free PYO flowers and herbs on the farm

How to become a member
of Ripley Farm's
Summer CSA

These are a few answers to common questions about our CSA.  Give us a call if you have any other questions.

What if I go out of town and can’t pick up my share one week?
     The best option is to ask a friend to pick up your share and use it in their home.  You can also call to let us know that no one will be picking up your share, so that we do not harvest it.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you extra on other weeks or to give you a refund for the weeks you miss.

I’m concerned about getting too much produce.  How big is your share?
     Everyone has different eating habits.  In general, our share is perfect for couples and families who eat meals at home with veggie side dishes, salads, and snacks.  Our share is not excessive, but it is a lot of vegetables for people who do not have time to cook.  If your diet relies very heavily on vegetables, you will definitely not have too many veggies!
Our share provides our members a constant amount of produce week to week.  There are between 6-9 items each week throughout the season with a nice mix of greens, snacking veggies and cooking items.

I’m not familiar with all the vegetables that you grow.  How will I know how to use something when I get it in the share?
     For the most part, our share consists of popular vegetables that everyone is familiar with and loves.  We grow some varieties of vegetables that are uncommon in grocery stores but very popular with our customers who try them at Farmers Market.  You will occasionally receive one of these less common treats in your share.
The weekly newsletter always includes a list of what veggies are in the share that week along with cooking tips, storage tips, and recipes.  Many members find this information very helpful to identify and use all of the produce they receive in their share.  Check out our Vegetable Gallery for pictures of our vegetables and recipes!

I like to can tomatoes and freeze green beans.  Do you sell bulk amounts for processing separate from the share?
Yes!  We always have extra produce such as tomatoes, beans, beets, big zucchini, etc. available for bulk orders.  Using our Vegetable Orders system, place your bulk order on Mondays for pick up on Wednesdays along with your share.

Do you sell a half-share?
No, although we understand the concerns potential members, especially single people, might have about the size of the share.  We encourage members to sign up with someone they can split the share with if they think it may be too much for them alone.

Do we get to pick what’s in the box?
No, we pick what goes in your box, guaranteeing a selection of what’s at its very best from our fields each week.  If you want to be able to choose certain items each week, then our Vegetable Orders system, which allows you to pick and choose from a list of available veggies for pick up on Wednesdays, may be a better option for you than CSA.

Ripley Farm’s CSA has already started.  Can I still sign up now?
Yes, you can if we're not already full for the season!  If we are full, we'll put you on the waiting list for next season.  Call us at 564-0563 to find out if there's still time to join!

Do you sell Winter Shares or storage vegetables for the winter?
Yes, during the winter season, our root cellar is full of the farm’s fall harvest ready for our Winter CSA and your orders throughout the months of November-March.  Visit our Vegetable Orders page to learn how to place an order!

What does CSA mean?
CSA means Community Supported Agriculture.  Although there are lots of different models of CSAs, they all share in common a pre-paid financial commitment from community members to support local agriculture.  This commitment provides an important guarantee to both parties.

I am really busy.  How much time does it take to pick up?
No more than 2-3 minutes.  You can drive right up to our walk-in cooler where you’ll find your box waiting for you to pick up and load into your vehicle.  Then you leave your box from the week before and you’re off, in less time than it takes to buy even one item at the grocery store.

What if I forget to return my empty box from the week before when I pick up my share?
Return it the following week.  We want to eventually get all of your boxes back and appreciate it if you can do you best to return them every week, although we know that sometimes people forget.


Your CSA Box

Pick up box
Closed box
Find tab on top of box
Slide tab back, noting the perforation
Open Tab, no tearing should occur
All flaps open on box
Bottom of Box
Slide tabs out, no tearing should occur
Open flaps out
After opening all flaps out on bottom of box, box can be flattened
Box laying flat on ground
Gene carrying flattened box

Oops, I tore my box.  How do I open it properly?
There are perforated seams on some of the flaps of the box.  Look for these – they’re important!  If you fold the flaps so that they bend along these seams, then the tabs will disengage and the box will open. 
DO NOT try to pull the tabs out of their slots.  This WILL tear the tabs making the box unusable.  These wax produce boxes are designed to be used over and over again.  Please use care in opening them so that we can use them all season long.  If you do tear a box we charge a $3.oo box replacement fee.

I pick up my share on the farm.  Is it alright to walk around and visit the gardens and animals?
Yes!  On Wednesday during pick up you’re welcome to walk around the farm.  We have farm animals in fences and a perimeter fence around the fields.  These fences are electrified and will shock you if you touch them.  Please don’t touch!