Into the Spring of Things

This spring has a very different rhythm for me.  Of course, at the farm, things are going just as planned.  The big list of “things to do” for April has been whittled right down.  All of our seeds have arrived on the farm and the first few of them like peppers, tomatoes and leeks are already showing their little faces.  The seed potatoes are piling up in our living room, presprouting prior to planting.  This week more lettuce heads will be sown.  The hoophouse has been rototilled again in preparation for planting those tomato seedlings in May.  Oh, and how can I forget the most exciting thing: first time tilling the soil of the season...

It will be our eighth year of farming as Ripley Farm.  And Gene and I farmed together the few years prior to that, too, working for our friends at Fisher Farm in Winterport.  As I write this blog, I just realized that, for me, it will be over ten seasons of farming in a row before arriving at this year’s break.  Yes, taking care of our newborn baby girl this season is a significant change of pace for me as a farmer. 

But, it’s a welcome change.  Yesterday I had my fourth successful baby wearing experience as Gene and I took a slow walk around the farm after his work day.  Having spent most of the last few weeks inside, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the farm, as the setting sun cast a background of muted blues, pinks, purples and yellows.  The wind had died down and the air had the smell of earth in it again.  Mmmmmm…


Getting into the spring of things for me this year is not as much running the tractor, seeding flats of seedlings, or stacking firewood.  Nope, not this year.  Instead of walking briskly around the farm, checking off lists and getting ready for planting, I have a chance to step back and experience the farm from the eyes, ears, and little hands of the newest member of the family, our one-month-old daughter.


After ten years of farming, it will all be new again to me this spring.  I can't wait!