Our Organic Pork

We may be taking a year off of raising pigs in 2017.  They will be back so get on our waiting list if you are interested in purchasing a half hog in 2018.  Thank you!

Introducing organic pastured pork from Ripley Farm!

We love raising pigs!  We are excited to offer half pigs raised in the sunshine right on our organic farm for sale each November.  Our pigs live a happy life on our farm, where we value them as an important part of our farm system.  They're always outside on our pasture, where they enjoy rooting around, breaking new ground, grazing the green grass, turning under cover crops, and of course enjoying our extra organic vegetables!  Meet our piggies:

How we raise our organic pork
Our piglets are born on Misty Brook Farm, a MOFGA Certified organic farm in Albion, and then arrive at our farm when they are eight weeks old, going straight onto our pastures.  These lucky pigs continue to get certified organic grain, as much growing grass as they can eat, and any extra veggies that are not saleable after harvests.  When they're big in the fall, you should see how much squash or pounds of carrots that they can eat up that would otherwise go to waste!  Our organically raised pork has NEVER had any antibiotics or GMO feed and tastes great!

The Grazing Tamworths and Heritage Pork
We have been raising pork for several years and recently discovered our new favorite breed.  The heritage Tamworth breed that we get from Misty Brook Farm every spring always delight us with their great grazing abilities!  While they root in the earth like any other pig for bugs, worms, and roots to eat, they also love to eat grass unlike many other breeds of pigs.  The Tamworths are especially great for our farm because they can "hog down" the many organic cover crops that we use on our farm for building soil fertility.  And they do love their grass, ripping it off like they were sheep! :)  We enjoy raising both pure Tamworths and Tamworths crossed with Gloucestershire Old Spots.

Ripley Farm sells half pigs (hanging sides)
We sell our pork in halves split down the middle.  This means that you will get all the cuts from one side of the animal, either the right or the left side.  After harvest, the pigs are weighed and that's called the 'hanging weight'.  The exact weight of packaged meat that you get back from the butcher will be less than the hanging weight due to shrinkage and depending on how you get it cut (whether you ask for the bones, fat back, leaf lard, organ meats, head, etc).  The butcher will custom cut your half however you want it done.  We will communicate with you at the beginning of November about getting your cutting instructions to the butcher.

No matter what you decide, a half pig is a lot of meat!  We can tell you from experience that you will need additional freezer space to fit your half pig and it will last you a long time thanks to the vacuum-packing technology!  We schedule a date in mid-November at Herring Brothers in Guilford or Maple Lane in Charleston to harvest our pork every season.  Depending on how you get your animal cut and/or smoked, the cut, sealed and flash frozen meat will be available for pickup at the slaughterhouse in late November or early December.

Getting Our Pastured Pork

  • Ripley Farm's pigs are fed an all-organic diet for their whole lives and are 100% Certified Organic by MOFGA.  This guarentees that our pork comes from healthy pigs raised outside and that are 100% free of antibiotics, hormones, chemical pesticide exposure, and are NEVER fed GMO feed, bakery waste, or garbage.  We raise our pigs to these Certified Organic standards because we love them!
  • We charge $4.00 per pound based on the hanging weight of your side.  After the pork is harvested, we will know the exact hanging weight then calculate your total price owed to us.  Generally, a side of pork from us might weigh between 100 and 125 pounds.
  • We deliver the pigs to Herring Brothers in Guilford or to Maple Lane in Charleston to be harvested in mid-November.  They will custom cut your Ripley Farm half pig however you want.  You will need to communicate directly with them as to your specific desires about cutting and smoking the meat.  You pay their processing fees (Herring Bros; call (207) 285-3591 for Maple Lane's processing info) and pickup your frozen pork when its ready for you (probably late November or early December). 
  • Supply is limited, so reserve your half pig today!  We require a $100 deposit to hold your side (and to help us pay for the piglets which we ourselves put a deposit down on in February).

Reserve your half pig today!
Got some room in your chest freezer?  Let us know when you're ready to take the plunge into lots of Ripely Farm organically raised pork for the winter and give us your contact information including your name, address, phone number and email.  You can either call us at 564-0563 or email us at ripleyfarm@gmail.com.  Please send your $100 deposit to:

Ripley Farm
62 Merrills Mills Rd
Dover-Foxcroft ME 04426

If buying local meat or buying a side or picking out your meat cuts is new to you, please don't hesitate to call us at 564-0563 with your questions.  We remember what it was like the first time we bought meat this way!  We want to make sure that you'll LOVE your side of pork from our farm!  :)

photo credit Mary Sue Henszey