Havest Season 2015: Through the lens of the barrel washer

I seriously did mean to sit down and write a new blog many times this summer. 

Okay, maybe after we harvested the 3000 heads of garlic and hung it to dry in our newly repaired shed.  Nope. 

Okay, maybe after hauling in the thousands of pounds of fall potatoes and winter squash.  Nope. 

Okay, come on, after the 20,000th pound of carrot, surely I would have done it then?  No, it just didn’t happen. 

Between growing the most acreage that we ever have before (yes, that whopping 3.5 acres is a personal record for our small farm!), our ambitious farm improvement projects planned for this year, and growing a baby in my belly, I couldn’t quite manage it.  At all.

But, Carpe Diem, I say!  And on this, a little bit cold, a little bit icy, a little bit drab late fall day in December, I am finally excited to paw through all of the photos I took depicting the warmth, color, and aliveness of our summer and early fall harvests at Ripley Farm in 2015.  Better late than never, I’m excited to share the fun we had this year with all of you!

Here's the story through the lens of our new farm-built barrel washer!


We three farmers, Gene, myself (Mary Margaret), and our employee Carmen tackled our biggest planned harvest this year, and somehow we pulled it off!  From a summer full of picking, picking, picking to a fall of seemingly endless root harvesting, washing, and packing, here are some of my favorite photos from the season that share the story...

We harvested 16 weeks of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares brimming with fresh organic veggies grown on our farm and distributed to members from Greenville to Bangor and everywhere in between!

Gene estimates that we harvested by hand over 50,000 pounds of veggies from July through November this year on our small farm!

Gene had another great year at the Orono Farmers Market for our seventh and final season there!  Thanks to everyone who supported our farm as we make our transition away from farmers market to focus on our CSA and wholesale accounts!

Our fastest crop by the pound to harvest sure is a feel-good-fast crate filler!  Yea for cabbage!!!

And a huge thanks to our friends, CSA members, family, and part time employees for helping us get the enormous job done!  You are awesome!

And the harvests tallied up day after day as we found ourselves working later into the fall than we ever have thanks to the warm weather in November.....

We are proud to have grown our first bed of carrots for donation to local food pantries, all harvested, washed, bagged, and distributed with the help of the CSA and the community!  Thank you everyone for helping us make this project a success!

And, yes, we did finally finish!  Here's Gene on the last official harvest day of the season with our prize parsnips and his triumphant (yet a bit weary?) smile!!!


And that's the story of the three farmers at Ripley Farm seen through the lens of the barrel washer...  WHOOOP!