On Call Employment

Do you like working outside?  Do you have a flexible schedule in the summer and/or fall? 

Get on Ripley Farm’s “On Call” Employment list and have fun while helping your farmers! 

On our organic vegetable farm, we sometimes need a little boost from extra hands beyond that of our regular crew.  We are seeking willing occasional helpers to sign up for our “On call” list.  You can assist our family farm during those crucial times when we need help bringing in a big harvest, getting a weeding job done, or have a sick employee.  One day a season or a week or two at an especially busy time of year can make a huge difference to our farm!

How the “On Call” list works:

Notification: We will contact you by phone or email in one of two likely scenarios:

  • on short notice (same day or a day or two ahead) for short term help
  • ahead of time for a scheduled increased need of one or several days

Compensation: $10/hour.  Free veggies may be available for the taking at the end of the work day.

Work hours: 7am to 4pm (unpaid lunch hour taken at midday)

Sign up if you are willing and able to:

  • Lift 50 lbs
  • Bend and squat to weed and harvest for hours at a time
  • Handle all weather conditions
  • Have flexibility to sometimes be able to work a week day in the summer and/or fall
  • Work hard and have fun growing good food!

Are you in?

If yes, let us know by filling out the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!